Propose a project

The CTREQ is constantly seeking new school-family-community partnership projects to add to its Directory. Do you work in a primary or secondary school where there is such a project that deserves to be shared? If it meets the criteria listed below, send it in!

The projects must:

  • Have a recognized theoretical basis or proven scientific results (same as former criterion);
  • Illustrate a collaborative1 partnership project that involves the school, the family AND the community; 
  • Intervene with respect to at least one protective factor2  in order to foster academic success.

For further information about factsheet content, see the Content Template.

To propose a project, just write to us or fill in the form that follows. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Project presentation form

Name of project : *
Category : ? *
Objectives : *
Target group : *
Project description (how the project works) : *
Resources required (human, material, financial) : *
Scientific basis or validity of the project in practice : *
Other relevant information : *
Name and contact information for the person to reach for more information :
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1 A collaborative partnership is one in which resources are pooled and responsibilties shared and the partners work together towards a common goal. It supposes good communication in order to exchange ideas and opinions and synergy arising from the players’ consensus as to project thrusts, strategies and actions (Boisclair, 2005).

The concept of "protective factor" varies depending on the literature consulted. The factors considered here will be presented in detail in the Guide d’implantation de partenariats É-F-C selon une approche écosystémique and be available when the guide is published. [in French only]