Development of the project


In 2004-2005, the Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ [in French only]) toured every region of Québec to take the pulse of communities of practice in education. This broad-based consultation showed that school-family-community (S-F-C) partnership was a priority across Québec. One of the CTREQ's responses to this finding was its online directory of partnership projects between schools, families and communities.

Cœuréaction debuts

In March 2010, the Réseau d'information à la réussite éducative (RIRE [in French only]) put the Cœuréaction Directory online. Its purpose: to inspire and guide stakeholders by giving them access to initiatives that get results.

The Directory includes information about projects, programs, organizations and tools on the theme of school-family-community partnership. Each initiative is summarized and presented as a factsheet.

Crucial Conditions for Successful S-F-C Partnerships

A document on the Crucial Conditions for Successful School-Family-Community Partnerships was also posted online at the time of the launch. Its purpose is to describe the theoretical bases for successful partnership initiatives.

Guide d'élaboration d'un plan d'action É-F-C selon une approche écosystémique

Further to a seminar on S-F-C partnerships held in Autumn 2010, many participants from the educational and community milieus said that they needed more support in implementing such projects. This was the reason for the Guide d'élaboration d'un plan d'action É-F-C selon une approche écosystémique [In French only], written in Summer 2011 by François Blain, a consultant on academic success in economically depressed communities and on the ecosystemic approach. The purpose of this guide is to support the players by mapping out the steps in implementing partnership projects using ecosystemics.

Testing of the guide will wrap up in 2012 and it will be distributed for use starting that autumn. However, at the moment there are no plans for an English version.

The directory as an organic process

Development of the Directory is ongoing, with three to five factsheets added to it every year. However, in light of the findings stemming from the Guide d'implantation de partenariats É-F-C selon une approche écosystémique, it seemed necessary that the criterias for selecting projects for inclusion in the directory be modified so that the initiatives chosen are more closely aligned with the guide.

Web platform

The current website presents all of the tools described above. The Cœuréaction team hopes that the interactivity provided will enhance the content and help the project grow.